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Simplicity At Its Finest…Pass the Baby Wipes!

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to my beloved wipes for your continued service in my life! I couldn't do it without you."

People everywhere, I have to share a bit of wisdom I’ve learned over the years.  I call it wisdom because I truly believe this knowledge comes from experience and the type only a parent gains insight into.  It might be quite the comical surprise, but here goes…

“The award for best product of all time goes to … the beloved, tried and true, godsend to mothers everywhere… the magnificent yet delicate BABY WIPE!”    

That’s right.  Look no further.  The answer to all my motherly needs and beyond is the baby wipe.    

I never purchased or owned a pack of baby wipes before becoming a parent.  At first, it was an annoying cost in the business of ‘having a baby’.  No one prepares a new parent for the jaw-dropping cost burden of buying boxes upon boxes of diapers and wipes.  As the children grow and rely less on diapers, my dependence upon baby wipes does not dwindle.  While the wipe may be intended to clean babies, I have discovered endless uses for these little wet sheets of practicality. 

Keep access to them everywhere… the bathroom, the bedrooms, the kitchen, the den, the car, the office.  They are always within an arm’s reach and do not disappoint.    

My life goes like this…

Dang cat threw up a hair ball again… pass the wipes!

Dog stepped in poo and is now dragging it around my house… grab the wipes!

Is that spilled yogurt on my side table?  Where’s the wipes?

Laundry detergent residue on my work pants as I’m walking out the door… cue the wipes.

Sticky fingers?  Wipes.

Dirty cleats?  Wipes.

Need to clean a toilet seat?  Wipes.

Shopping cart germs?  Wipes.

Messy chocolate mouths?  Wipes.

Dusty car dashboard?  Wipes.

Make-up dirt on desk phone?  Wipes.

The list is literally endless.  What awesome life savers over and over again.    

Baby wipes are a mother’s best kept secret and friend.  They will remain a staple in my home from now to eternity. 

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