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Workout Worry-Free with Sweat-Proofing

"Save Yourself from Embarrassing Sweat Marks, Go Sweat-Proof!"

I recently joined a gym with the goal of burning a few calories, losing a few pounds and releasing stress from my mind.

Exercising was a hobby of mine in my younger years that I lost after having children.  It took seven years and three kids to grow before I felt confident I could add an exercise routine to my life.  When you’re a working mother with little kids sleep is the most important thing.  Exercise takes a back burner.  Until now. 

When I finally stepped into a gym, I may as well have landed on planet Mars.  I surveyed the endless landscape of modern gym equipment and didn’t have a clue where or how to start.  My initial ‘go-to’ was the treadmill and elliptical machines figuring I could set-up base camp there without looking too amateur.  It also gave me a good vantage point to observe others in my new surroundings and learn from their efforts.  Eventually I added more equipment and free-weights to my routine and am happy to report I now feel pretty comfortable in this new world. 

Being the Type A perfectionist personality, when I decide on a new goal I go ‘all in’. I’m not the mom you’ll catch barely breaking a sweat at the gym while talking to a friend or on the cell phone. I’m the one you’ll find out of breath and drenched in sweat while I’m attempting to conquer the gym world.

Recently an older gentleman approached me and said “Hi there, let me ask you a question. Why are you so sweaty?”.

Quick on my toes I replied “Either I’m working hard or hardly working.  You decide.”.

He said “Well, you’re doing a great job!”.

We shared a brief laugh and I thanked him for his compliment. It is nice to be recognized for working your butt off (literally) but his comment drew my attention to the fact that I was dripping in sweat and my clothes were evident of this point. My shirt was drenched. My pants were soaked. Most embarrassingly, my entire groin and backside were wet. I looked like a child who had just had an accident in my exercise pants!

Right then and there I vowed to myself that I would solve this humiliating sweat problem with sweat-proofing.  But how?

I started researching.  I observed others at the gym and the type of clothes they wore to exercise.  ‘How come I’m seemingly the only person covered in sweat marks?’  I started googling.  I started shopping.               

The answer is simple!  Companies make and sell exercise specific clothes for a reason.  Wearing an old tank and cotton yoga pants doesn’t cut it.  Arm yourself with sweat-proof clothing.  This is not just for appearance sake, it’s also for hygiene (no one wants to contract a fungus or yeast). 

I’m now in love with my Under Amour exercise pants.  I look good, feel good and no longer have to worry about looking like a wet fool on the gym floor. 

Words of wisdom, make the investment in proper exercise clothing.  It can be costly but it’s a long term investment as these clothes are made to last.       

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