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“Live in the NOW”

It’s a good day when a toddler unknowingly inspires a life lesson. Observing my three year old daughter I realized she lives completely in the NOW. She doesn’t dwell on the shortcomings or hardships of yesterday, nor does she burden herself with the fear or anxiety of tomorrow. She lives wholly in the now, striving to fulfill desires, creating happiness. Somewhere along life’s path we adults forget how to be free in the moment to explore the limitless possibilities available for us to achieve happiness today. Whether it’s how our parents raised us, how their parent’s raised them, or societal ingrainment to simply stress-out we lose our ability to grasp our freedom to achieve happiness. The cliche is that ‘youth is wasted on the young’ however in the instance of my toddler I do not believe it true for she lives more freely than any adult human dares to dream and that is time well spent. Forget about yesterday, it’s gone. Stop worrying about tomorrow, it’s not guaranteed. Work a little harder each new day to live in the present and achieve your happiness. You deserve it!

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