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Question: “Who are you?”


As a young woman out of college interviewing for my first job I really ‘went for it’ because I wanted the money. Sure enough, I nailed it! I got the job. Money is awesome at 21 years old. I shined and quickly advanced. Years later after my boss had moved on to another company, talking at a bar over some drinks he comments “I almost didn’t hire you. I wanted to hire you but I hesitated because I was sure you would quit within 3 months!”. The statement baffled me because anyone would be lucky to have someone like me on their team… a dedicated, hard-working, type-A perfectionist! But what he meant was he thought a college educated valedictorian candidate would move on to bigger and better fast because he saw the potential I carried in our first meeting. Fast forward 15+ years at the same company and new ownership ushers in a team of fresh talent. The kind of talent ‘I wish I could be when I grow up’ (but I’m actually older than the members of this dream-team). Sitting in a meeting the new CEO references my current position to one of the young women and says “You wouldn’t last two weeks in that role!”. I knew he meant she was destined for better. So what is the difference between her and I? How did I last past the initial 3 months and light-years beyond? I can come up with reasons or excuses. After all, I did meet an awesome boyfriend at work who later became my husband, birthed three kids, and still managed to bring home a great income. I became knowledgeable, respected, and comfortable. But what happened to being destined for better? Being youthful and driven in a world of endless possibilities? My fantasy plays like this … temper tantrum boss roars “Who do you think you are anyway?” (typical power move)… and I reply “MORE THAN THIS” and toss my resignation. But really, who am I? I guess I’m just a woman with day dream to be something better or more than yesterday. Who are you? Challenge yourself to shake off the rust of age and complacency and set your sights on greatness.

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