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“The Workaholic Imprint”

I am workaholic. Are you? It is true I have a job that demands my attention but identifying as a workaholic means much more. My entire day, every day, consists of working at the speed of light to ‘do it all’ and check off all the duties on my self-imposed checklist. These chores are necessary for the health and survival of my family (got to make those school lunches) but I’ve assigned myself the role of ‘doing it all’ and doing it alone. This is the critical fallacy. If you have help, take it. If your spouse fills and empties the dishwasher ‘the wrong way’, mentally move on. When someone offers help, don’t auto-reply “No” because that’s what you’ve trained yourself to do. Take it. Embrace it. Don’t be the first to rise and the last to rest each day. Let yourself off the hook. Your value (and happiness) does not lie in the quantity of completed checklist items but rather the quality of yourself you can share with others. For me, this is my deserving children.

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