“You got this!”

Some days, it’s hard to find the will to get in motion. Today was one of those days. After rallying myself, I arrived at the gym in the dark cold of dawn to a parking lot full of cars. I am continually amazed how these people (my new community) face their own challenges and show up day after day. I’ve learned a few things about my exercise peers. There’s the judge who presides over actual court proceedings (how awesome is that?), the teacher, the mom-duo, the coach, the motivational spirit, the cop and countless others. Regardless of who we are we greet each other with a smile of respect. Respect that we are united chasing a common goal in that moment even if we have little else in common. We are there to push ourselves, to improve, to chase a dream of something more. Believe in yourself. Surround yourself with people who share a common goal and fight for it. Together.

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