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Find your Creation!

For those that wonder ‘what’s this new blog hobby all about?’, the answer is simple. 

It’s about the freedom of self-expression and creation. 

Considering my ‘norm’ is a near constant state of chaos consisting of three young children, a demanding job, a husband, a multi-pet household (seven furry friends folks) and an endless mountain of chores or activities, my life more closely resembles a cut-throat game of Topple than anything else.  If one piece tilts out of balance, the risk of a total tumble becomes a real possibility.  Why with all this pressure and stress would anyone ‘add-to-the-list’ by growing and maintaining a blog?  The answer is simple: ‘creation’. 

The younger version of myself enjoyed writing, math, singing, and fitness among other things.  At nearly 40 years old, I’m going to pass on the roller-blades at the risk of broken bones and math is no longer my strong point since 1st grade homework throws me for a loop (I swear they re-invented math).  While I won’t be posting any videos of me breaking out in song, there is something I can do … WRITE!  Create.  Captivate.     

When I blog, I speak from the heart and in truth about what I know.  There’s a passion and a fire behind the words.  I hope to inspire those that read to find time for themselves, be creative, actualize dreams, and encourage self-introspection and growth.

Have a little fun with yourself and life. 

#becreative #surpriseyourself #growstrong #livefree

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