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Stepping Out of the Rat Race… a Working Mom’s Struggle

If you are a mom like me, you may be stuck in an endless loop of pressure, chaos, responsibility, and accountability.

While I presume some lucky folks return home from their work day to rest and recharge, this working mother never rests.

There’s no shortage of checklist items on the routine ‘to-do list’ that distract me from focusing my time and energy ‘directly’ on my kids. A large portion of my time out of the office is spent ‘doing for’ my kids (household and pets included) for the now or for tomorrow and not enough time ‘giving focused attention to’ my kids.

Yesterday we shared laughs as a family playing along with Family Feud on the television. After dinner, I gave my girls the royal treatment with a DIY foot spa and pedicure before bed. We spent focused time together practicing flash cards, a much needed exercise for my kindergartner. Focused time, attention, and energy directly on the kids is precious and yet hard to accomplish among daily madness and responsibilities.

Step out of the rat race, catch yourself ‘doing for’ instead of ‘focusing on’ your kids.

Your children need your focused time and attention to thrive.

Working Moms (and Dads), we can do this!

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