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The Valentine’s Day Minefield

“I don’t like it!”

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary with my husband.

Today is Valentine’s Day.

My adoring husband was kind enough to surprise me with two generous and beautiful gifts… a red heart-shaped crystal necklace and matching bracelet. The sparkle is amazing and it’s an absolutely gorgeous set. This gift is extra special because my husband and I do not normally exchange gifts. Ever.

There’s just one itsy bitsy small problem. I hate it!

It’s a lovely set for someone, but not me. It’s not my style at all. In the moment of receipt I was faced with a multitude of dilemmas.

Do I tell my husband who is anxiously awaiting my excitement that I don’t like his thoughtful gifts?

Do I fake it, hope he doesn’t notice, and pray it grows on me?

Do I really have to wear this necklace and bracelet every day for the rest of my life now?

And why after all these years does my husband not know that I wouldn’t like this set?

Nothing about it resonates with me. Is our marriage doomed?

I took a deep breath.

I felt like the worst gift recipient ever. I could barely muster the fake smile and instead got awkward and quiet.

This poor man will never buy me anything again! I said ‘thank you’ but he could tell my reaction lacked the enthusiasm he was seeking. Being the honest person I am, I came clean.

Fear not, my husband was completely understanding and much preferred me exchanging the set for something I could love.

I’m happy to report I’m now rocking gorgeous new jewelry of my choice. The initial guilt I felt turned into true appreciation and joy which is what my husband wanted me to feel all along.

It’s hard to navigate the gift-giving minefield sparked by sweet holidays such as today’s Valentine’s Day. If your partner fell-short this holiday, be honest with kindness. You might be able to save yourself the pressure of pretending to like something you do not.

On the flip side, I didn’t buy my husband anything. Poor him. I’ll have to do my best to find a way to make up for it!

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