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Steamrolling, Save Yourself from the Smoosh

"Do not give others the POWER to crush your dreams. Fight for YOU!"

“Don’t let others crush your dreams.  Your passions and goals are yours to believe in, protect, and grow.  Pay no mind to haters looking to bring you down!”

It’s so important when you have a goal to surround yourself with people who support your new endeavor, respect the goal you’ve set for yourself, and contribute to your overall success.  But things aren’t that simple.  Inevitably you will encounter ‘someone’ along the way (and it may be someone you love) who acts in opposition to your victory or serves to bring you down.  Even if it’s not entirely on purpose. 

I was wondering when my time would come. 

I’ve picked up this new blogging hobby as a means of creative expression, freedom of thought, and way of destressing my life with words.  It’s therapeutic.  If I inspire one person to become a better version of themselves, I consider that a success.  Most of all, I write to inspire and challenge myself to make changes in my life for the greater good of my own happiness.  It’s tough being a working mother.  It’s tough being a wife.  It’s tough growing older.

Recently during a heated discussion with a loved one, I got the feared “Why don’t you go write a post about it?” low blow.  Knew that was coming. 


I’m not entirely sure of the intention, but I can tell you the effect it had on me.  In that moment, my dreams were ‘STEAMROLLED’.  My written accomplishments to date felt minimalized, embarrassing, a waste of time.  I was completely leveled by this comment.  Self-doubt, fear, anxiety, insecurity flooded like a tidal wave into my soul.  But I am smart enough to know no one should have the power to belittle me.  No one should have the power to flatten my dreams and esteem. 

“Steamroll me?  Get outta town!”. 

Whatever your goal, don’t forget why you started on the path to achievement in the first place.  For you!  You don’t need the approval or permission of others to follow your passions or succeed in accomplishing them.  You and you alone have the power to decide, create, and live your purpose.  Fight for your truth.  Fight for your passions.  Meet your goals.  The only person they need to impact and make sense to is YOU!         

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