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Welcome to ‘The Woman with a Day Dream’

I hate to burst the bubble of intrigue in sentence two of our first introduction but I must warn you that I am not a technically skilled writer, blogger, or entrepreneur. I’m not trying to sell you something you don’t need or push my religion or politics on you. I’m simply a day dreamer who has spent years silencing herself but rediscovered a voice and am ready to share it with a passion. Some would label me ‘the crazy cat lady’, while others ‘the professional boss’. I’d like to think those close to me would tag me as ‘the awesome home cook and holiday host’ since I pretty much die trying every time Turkey Day, Easter, and Christmas roll around. Those most dear to my heart call me the greatest and most honorable name ever and that is ‘Mom’. I’m starting this page because time has granted me awareness, self-introspection, evolution of being, and a new perspective. It has also granted me many sleepless nights caring for young children and an expert education in juggling the personal and corporate grind of a working mother. On this page I will promote and share with honesty self-care as well as favorite recipes, kid crafts, children’s books and my love of family and pets!

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