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Self-Defeating Excuses… Get Rid of them!

“Self-Defeating Excuses…Get Rid of them!” Living the incredibly crazy and chaotic life of a working mother with young children I noticed I’ve been carrying around an internal ‘wish list’ of things I’d love to do for myself ‘in a perfect world’. BUT (there it is, the big but). This carefree, easy living world doesn’t exist. I found myself uttering things like “I wish I could join a gym” or “I’d love to get my nails done” or “I really need a haircut”. These things are not impossible realities for many people, but for me they were unattainable luxuries. I realized I was constantly making excuses. I’d love to join a gym but I really can’t afford it, I have no time, my knee hurts, I have too many other after-work responsibilities (like doing elementary math homework with an uncooperative 1st grader, packing school lunches, cleaning the cat litters), etc. Becoming aware of my excuses helped me push past them. And you can too. I was failing to accomplish some pretty basic things for myself because I could not ‘find a way’ past the madness called life. Try not to over-analyze every move you make. Self-defeating excuses are like road blocks, tire-popping pot holes, or danger zones that stand between you and a happier self. I’m most definitely not cured of creating excuses but I have since joined a gym and while I have to creatively ‘fit it in’ super early in the morning when it is dark, cold, and the warm cat filled bed is calling my name, the gym is my happy place filled with others who share the same or similar time struggles, family pressure, work conflicts, etc. but they are also there ‘fitting it in’ like rockstars. Toss your excuses and push forward. Have the courage to recognize them and focus on succeeding at your own personal ‘wish list’. Sending love.

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