Modernizing the Work Place

“Step into the Future… Work Remote”

It pains me to witness companies continue to ‘do things the way they’ve always done it’ especially when it is reminiscent of the Stone Age. CHANGE (real change) takes a vision, innovative thinking, process improvement, and implementation. The dinosaurs that too often lead companies fail to modernize the actual ‘work place’ or ‘work space’ of its employees. Success (and motivation to achieve it) is not just about new products and go-to-market strategy, it is also about taking new perspectives, often ‘youthful’ perspectives, and modernizing ‘how’ business is conducted. Contemporary companies should encourage employees to work remotely, automate processes, and keep only essential staff in-house. Salespeople, marketing, development, accounting, support, and many other department’s staff members could produce remotely reducing company over-head in maintaining large buildings, improve communication as it would be essential to success doing business in this way, employ regular face-to-face and virtual meetings that may actually become more strategic in nature because they would be focused instead of routine. The revolution of ideas is simply not enough in today’s business world to be successful, we need to revolutionize how we produce. Work remote!

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