“Is it really just a coincidence?”

I have to admit, I am a pretty skeptical person. I am analytical by nature and do not get too excited about things I cannot rationalize. However, every so often ‘meaningful coincidences’ arise that remind me I am part of a much larger universe that I cannot fully comprehend but can feel strangely connected to.

One such incident occurred recently that took my breath away.

My morning work routine begins with me checking the ‘sales nightline’ for calls that come in after hours. On this day, there was one message. Just one. As it played, my heart skipped a beat. It was start to finish an entire instrumental suite that I haven’t heard in a decade. One that I once listened to often for peace and tranquility as a teenager. What makes it even more ‘odd’ that this music would now be playing on my phone is that it originates as an embedded track in a movie soundtrack. It is not common. As I sat with my ear pressed against the phone receiver, I felt the immense stress I had been carrying around melt away and only calmness remained. This was especially important on this day as I was anxiously awaiting significant test results regarding the health of one of my children. In that moment, I knew whatever the results yield it would be okay and ‘we’ (my family and I) would push forward regardless. The good news is, the dreaded test results ended up being encouraging (thank heavens).

One could say it’s merely ‘coincidence’ those familiar soothing sounds resonated on this day. Maybe it was hold music. Who knows. Who cares. In that moment it resonated with me as if I was meant to hear it. Of course, I couldn’t help but search for the message the next morning but it was gone. I didn’t delete it. No one checks that phone line except me.

In the words of the father of analytical psychology Carl Jung “Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see it”.

Keep your eyes and ears open; the universe just may be sending you a much needed message in the form of synchronicity if you’re in tune to notice.

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