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Prioritize Yourself, A Mom’s Epiphany

"Holding out on yourself is not a life strategy."

In truth, I wrote this a few months ago, but it’s worth repeating.    


As I reached under the bathroom sink into the cabinet below to grab who knows what from the mountain of junk stored there I sifted through countless self-care products that I’ve been ‘saving’ instead of ‘using’.  Are you guilty of the save tactic?     

I found bottles (and I mean bottles) of expensive shampoos and conditioners, self-tanners, DIY foot scrubs and peppermint sprays, facial masks, wrinkle removers, eye lifters, dermabrasion systems, etc. You get the gist.

The funny thing is most of these products were ‘gifts’ given to me by others who thought I’d enjoy them.

The instinctual clean-freak in me reached for the trash to toss everything right then and there because ‘I’m never going to use it’.

Then it dawned on me.   

Why am I storing my own personal ‘self-care’ under the bathroom sink in the farthest possible reach?  Holding out on myself is not a life strategy.   

Instead of tossing the little gems I found, I went out and bought a rolling cart and I’m now storing these self-care jewels front and center out in the open as a reminder for me to take care of myself. I actually had the best time using the DIY foot spa with my girls and that includes them using it on me.  Today, my face is self-tanned, freshly dermabraised, and my feet still feel great and there I was about to toss something so precious.

Take a moment to enjoy your ‘gifts’ and take care of yourself.

Put your self-care front and center instead of in the trash.

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