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A Closet Full of Clothes… or Excuses.

"Look Good, Feel Good, Wear the Clothes!"

I can’t help but overwhelmingly gaze at my closet full of clothes and yet have nothing to wear. 

To the pants that are too tight, I secretly plan to fit back into you ‘someday’.  Hang tight.  (pun intended)    

To the party-girl nightlife clothes, I should burn you because the ‘hot chick’ who rocked you decades ago in those sexy heels is gone. 

But between the ugly Christmas sweaters and special event attire are countless aging shirts, skirts, and other everyday items in pristine condition.  They are ‘like new’ folks.  Time and time again I pass them over.  I am saving them for ‘the right moment’.  Be it a girl’s night out, date night, a wine tour, vacation, etc.  It’s time to ditch the excuses, stop holding out on myself, and allow these items (along with myself) to fulfill their essence and live their potential. 

Wear the dang clothes!

#livetoday #weartheclothes #lookawesome #noexcuses   

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