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Mothers, You ARE the Sunshine!

"Moms, you are awesome!"

 “Wishing all the moms a Happy Mother’s Day.  You are invaluable to your children.  Be proud.”

Today I attended Mother’s Day Tea in my daughter’s kindergarten classroom.  Upon entering the school, I was greeted by my daughter’s hand and led down the red carpet to her classroom and my spot at her small little table and chair.  As I held back tears, her tiny heart raced.  I asked “Why is your heart beating so fast?”.  She replied “Because I can’t wait to sing for you!”. 

As the moms took their seats, the kindergarteners made their way to the classroom carpet to perform. 

The teacher expressed the importance of a mother in their children’s lives, especially at this young age.  It was evident the children agreed, as I observed the sea of little faces peering back at us moms with nothing but innocence and love.

The children broke out into song.  Each song themed around the woman of the hour ‘MOM’, best lady ever!  I watched as each child focused on their mommy’s face and sang directly into her heart.  My daughter eagerly awaited my thumbs up at the conclusion of each music number.  There may have been a dry eye or two in the room, but they weren’t mine.  I was balling like a baby.  Of course, I forgot to bring a tissue.  After all, moms are masters at being prepared.  Rookie mistake.  My daughter gladly found me a tissue from the box across the room.  We hugged so tight I could feel our shared energy and love.  These are the moments that make being a mom so very special. 

When the singing was done the kids presented their moms with tea and cookies (iced tea, of course) and surprised us with special projects.  There was ‘the most important thing about my mom’ write-up, coupon book of cute things ‘this coupon is good for helping mom cook’, and even instructions on ‘how to make mom happy’ (i.e. do your chores, make your bed, be nice to your brothers and sisters). 

Apparently my best talent is hugging.  I’m also 5 foot, 6 lbs. (yes, you read that right, 6 POUNDS!).  My favorite food is pizza.  I like bowling.  And I like to shop and buy toys.


Moms, on this upcoming Mother’s Day, hug your kids big or small.  The bond you share is like no other.  If you’re like me, you and your children shared a body for nine months.  Every ounce of their being was homegrown and cultivated by you.  Be proud of yourself.  Love yourself.  To the little ones pulling at your pants, yelling ‘mommy’, exhausting you, stressing you, sucking you dry of all energy… you are their world today and always.  You are loved to the moon and back and back again and again to infinity and beyond for all eternity TIMES two (at least).    

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