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Holding Out for a Hero, A Hopeless Life Strategy

"Believe in yourself, meet your goals, whatever you do, do not give up!" #meetgoals #believeinyourself #nofear #bethehero

“You are amazing.  You are the hero your life deserves.  Be the driving force for yourself!”

It’s a rainy, cold Monday in New York.  There is no sunshine, no chirping birds, and no warm spring breeze.  In fact, I’m wearing winter boots which is definitely ‘fashion taboo’ at this point in mid-May.  This dreary day is messing with my motivation and makes me crave oversized sweatpants with a forkful of comfort food. 


“What diet?”   

I caught myself thinking “I need a hero!”. 

No, not a toasted foot-long meatball sub smothered in melted mozzarella (although that does sound appealing); I need an actual ‘white knight’ kind of hero to knock me off my hide and point me in the right direction toward my goals.  I’m not looking for a love story.  I’m married with children.  But I am looking for an exciting new direction for my life.  Maybe I’m the victim of a ‘mid-life crisis’, although at 39 years old it might be a little premature. 

“Have you ever felt like you were destined for something more?  Like whatever it ‘is’ just hasn’t happened yet?” 

“Do you envision greatness for your life, but have no idea how to actualize or realize it?”   

Well, stop hoping for a hero and start thinking about how you can ‘be the hero’ in your own life.  If not you, then who?  You’ve got to get up and start fighting for yourself.

“Good things come to those who wait?”  WRONG!

Last I checked, God helps those who help themselves!  Take initiative.    

Hoping for someone to come along and hand your dreams to you on a silver platter, fully actualized, is not going to happen.  You, and only you, must make strides and take steps to propel yourself closer to your goals.  When you think the odds are rising against you, it usually means you’ve hit some sort of obstacle.  Obstacles often trick us into thinking our goals are unattainable but in reality that’s misperception and you can push past difficulties.  If meeting goals was easy, everyone would do it.  It takes courage and tireless hard work, even when you want to quit.  If you are willing to do the time, you can accomplish your dreams.

To meet your goals, you’ve got to be strong, focused, mentally fit (and physically fit too wouldn’t hurt), you’ve got to be able to envision yourself living the dream. 

Maybe you need a pep-talk.  Don’t be afraid.  Most people waste time ‘listening’ to themselves think thoughts rooted in self-doubt, fear, and lack of confidence.  Instead, try ‘talking’ yourself up with words of encouragement.  It serves a far better purpose.

Note to self:

Dear Christine (yes, that’s my name),

            Ditch the pity party!  Stop thinking about how far away you are from your goals and start focusing on what you can do to get closer.  You deserve greatness!  You are capable of it.  Do you remember who you are?  You are the girl who busted her butt in college to ‘get-the-A-grade’ because you knew someone in the class was going to get it ‘so why not you?’.  You wouldn’t dare be defeated.  You don’t give up.  You are driven.  You are hungry.  You are a fierce competitor and a strong fighter.  You were valedictorian candidate at a top university!  You graduated Summa Cum Laude and were elected as a junior into Phi Beta Kappa (reserved for the top 1%).  You manage a team of salespeople and development staff for a mission critical video surveillance and access control manufacturer.  How cool is that?  You have received award after award for ‘outstanding performance’ and ‘customer service / support’.  You are skilled in public speaking in front of large groups.  Remember that job interview for a major competitor that you thought was outside of your technical scope?  Do you remember how much effort you put into creating your ‘business plan’ power point and rehearsed it to yourself night after night?  Do you remember ‘acting’ and ‘dressing’ the part for each phase of the interview process?  You got that dang offer!  You bet your ass you did!  You have the ability to impress, sell yourself, and shine potential.  You have been pregnant three times (back to back) and can still rock a bikini!  You have three amazing children that you have raised to be good people.  You face every day and every challenge with the drive to ‘climb that mountain’.  You work tirelessly and push.  Is today the day you’re going to climb the next mountain to victory?  Stay on it.  If anyone can get there, YOU can! 


Me (Your Brilliance, Your Enlightenment)

Take the time to remind yourself (with encouragement) who you are and what you’re capable of.  Whatever you do, keep moving and do not give up!  Be present for your own life.  Set yourself up for personal success!  Believe in yourself and you cannot fail. 

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#meetgoals #believeinyourself #nofear #bethehero 

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