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Expanding the Woman’s Toolbox, Brave Like A Man!

"Ladies, be brave. Learn new skills. Expand your toolbox!"

“Ladies, don’t be dependent upon a man for solutions to life’s household troubles, develop your toolbox!”

Guilty as charged, I have absolutely no idea how to work an electric screw gun or drill.  It’s not my fault, I was never taught. 

I’m sure my father taught my brother but he didn’t teach me. 

I’m sure my husband took ‘shop class’ in school, but I don’t recall being given that option. 

Don’t send me to look under the hood of a car, I couldn’t tell you anything about it, except maybe that the giant thing making noise is the engine (maybe). 

Need help building something that requires technical skill (like my daughter’s new big wheel)?  Don’t look my way, I’ll stare blankly at the instructions for hours.

In this modern world, maybe kids today are given more choices but for me this whole topic falls under ‘lost practical life skills’.

As I was preparing the kids for school this morning, I noticed that dang bedroom curtain mount in my daughter’s room hanging half out of the wall.  I have asked my husband at least 1,000 to fix it before it falls on her head one night while she’s sleeping.    

On my way down the stairs, the empty spot where the broken banister post should be was gaping like a toothless child’s grin. 

I poked my head into the den and shouted “Bye kids! Mommy’s off to work.”. The kids didn’t flinch, but the large hole in the den wall where the fallen curtain holdback should be seemingly smirked.

This, among other honey-do list items, wait around for months before my husband decides to tend to them.  In one fell swoop he’ll wipe out half the honey-do list but for some odd reason it takes an eternity for him to get motivated and start.  His normal response ‘It takes two seconds, I’ll do it.’.  But then he never does it.  IF IT TAKES TWO SECONDS WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT SIX MONTHS FOR IT TO BE DONE?  (all caps because I have to stress how completely frustrating this logical is for me).  I’m not a procrastinator, I’m a doer.    

I succumb to the thought process… “If I could do it myself, it’d be done already!”. 

Sure, there are times I’m simply not strong enough to make progress on things.  I can’t hang that heavy mirror alone, but there are plenty of things I would do on my own but I don’t know how.  My husband may begrudgingly teach me if I asked but he’d rush through it and make it impossible for me to retain any knowledge.  I’m also confident he doesn’t want me riffling through ‘his toolbox’.

I need a ladies toolbox with pretty pink tools I can call my own!  Does such a thing exist?

As of present day, my arsenal of tools consists of a glue gun, Velcro, and adhesive (sticky) wall hooks.  Voila!  I swear I can fix almost anything with those wonders.  But I need more tricks!

There must be places women can take classes, like a Lowes or Home Depot.  I might have to share the classroom with boys and girls but that’s okay.  We’re at the same beginner skill level. 

To be totally honest, I’d love to learn to refinish my dining room table. I’d love to learn to use ‘real tools’ like a saw (all varieties) and measure! In a perfect world, I’d build bird houses and carve tree stumps.

Ladies, don’t be afraid to embrace your inner handy-woman and carpenter. We can do anything a man can do with motivation, training, and effort (except lift that dang heavy mirror). Be strong. Be brave. Expand your toolbox!

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