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Fitness, What’s Your Why?

"Why do you exercise? What's YOUR why?"

To meet your fitness goals you need to keep your ‘why’ on the forefront. 

It’s absolutely critical to your fitness success to be conscious of and focus on your reasons for exercising.  They will change from day to day.    

There are many motives for why fitness may be your health goal, but likely one reason resonates louder than the rest most of the time.    

On my last jog, out of breath and sweating from a hill, seeking motivation I thought to myself “Why am I exercising today?”.

In that moment as the morning sun hit my face and the warm spring breeze cooled my skin, I understood “This is why I’m exercising!  To be part of and feel the beauty of the world around me.”.  I wondered what other people would say if asked.     

“What are the reasons why people exercise?”

A few explanations come to mind:   

  • To push themselves
  • To feel accomplished  
  • To destress from work, family and children
  • To socialize with others
  • To have fun
  • To feel less guilty about having that big plate of nachos with a beer
  • To counteract the effects of age
  • To prevent their mate from losing interest
  • To feel good about themselves
  • To set a good example
  • To be fit
  • To be toned
  • To be tough  
  • To increase energy level
  • To decrease anxiety
  • To move
  • To improve circulation
  • To burn calories
  • To create room for dessert
  • To justify indulgences
  • To get alone time with yourself  
  • To grow stronger
  • To attract a new mate
  • To compete
  • To become healthier inside your body
  • To free your mind
  • To become one with nature and the outdoors  
  • To do something positive for themselves

If you asked my kids “Why does mommy exercise?”… I know what they would say.  They often hear me ask myself that very same question mid-work out in my den and reply aloud:  

  • To burn my buns
  • To shrink my booty
  • To eat cookies and ice cream whenever I want
  • To be fit
  • To be tough
  • To be able to play with my kids

Despite all of the reasons above, there’s one that resonates most for me … and it’s pretty simple “To look better naked!”.  Shhh… Don’t tell my kids! 

Next time you are working hard to meet your fitness goals, ask yourself “Why am I exercising today?”.  Have a little fun with yourself and your answers.    

Would love to learn your ‘why’.

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