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Poo-Pourri Pleasures

"Say good-bye to unpleasant odors and hello to fresh scents!"

“A women’s best bathroom friend, Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray!”

I’m definitely behind the times on this one.  While I knew Poo-Pourri spray existed, I had never encountered it under real-life bathroom circumstances until recently. 

In my workplace, the bathroom facilities are less than favorable and need renovating; worse, the smell can be atrocious.

Not long ago, I entered the office restroom and was greeted by a lovely scent, I knew it had to be Poo-Pourri toilet spray.  There was a bathroom user in the next stall and I could tell what kind of ‘business’ was going down so I hurried along my merry way but honestly appreciated the effort and scent of the Poo-Pourri spray. 

Before long, I found myself searching the local stores to purchase my own. They are offered in both full size bottles and discrete minis great for ‘on-the-go’ in the purse.    

At home, I am teaching the children to spray before ‘going’ because they sure can stink up a bathroom!  They like it.  It’s fun for them. 

Now if only I could teach my husband to use it (and refill the empty toilet paper roll too)!  One step at a time, I suppose. 

Happy Poo-Poo’s to you ladies!  Say ‘good-bye’ to unpleasant bathroom odors and hello to fresh scents.

Get yours today!  Surrounding noses will thank you.   

These would make great grab bag holiday gifts and stocking stuffers.  

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